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The hill ranges offer a variety of routes and excursions, they invite to discover these ideal virgin spaces for those who enjoy the long walks and the pathfinding. The mountainous mass locks up deep broken populated with dense forests, rivers, cascades and "farallones" that invites the traveller to discover them, going through footpaths and hills that call to the adventure.

Salto Escondido

After crossing in vehicle 12 km from San Francisco, "Rodeo de las Gallinas" is arrived at the called place (1000 msnm). From now on a long walk begins that includes approximately half an hour of reduction by a footpath until reaching the Hondo River. The continuous passage following the course of the river and in this sections you can enjoy the nature in all it's splendor: imposing "farellones", rocks and forests of native flora. After 3 hours is arrived at this beautiful cascade with a jump of almost 70 meters of height.

Advice: Good physical state is required. It is important to count on good footwear, long and comfortable trousers, and a light knapsack. In addition it is advisable to take light food (sandwichs, fruits, etc). There are steps where rope for greater security is due to use.

Casa de Piedra

In the Gomez River, into the central mountain ranges of San Luis, is this natural grotto formed by a hollow rock, measures approximately of 8 to 10 ms wide by 3 of height, has two circular entrances, numerous eaves and smaller grottos. One is located in the edge of a gorge turning the place an excellent viewpoint. It is arrived at it after ascending to a hill that raises until the 1,200 meters (SNM.), from where is possible to enjoy extraordinary panoramic views.

Advice: Excellent physical state is required, you can stay at night in the house of stone, for which it is advisable to take stock market to sleep and camp, being this it completes nonessential. It is necessary to bring food for the day or for the days that the excursion lasts, is essential to bring water.

Quebrada de Ramo

It is located in the Gomez River, one is a gorge furrowed by a stream that ends at the river of the same name of this place, the origin of its name it must to the abundant variety of "claveles del aire", whose flowers are resembled branches, putting to the gorge its note of color and perfumes between the months of December and January. According to versions the stream has healing waters whose properties would be attributed to the important amount of minerals and sediments that drags to its step, in addition exists numerous medicinal grass that takes contact with the water. The stream has many cascades as it descends through this gorge, which has in addition, dense forest of "molle" and small forests of peaches, natural grottos and caves. Bond to emphasize the great variety of native birds that inhabit this one place.

Advice: Good physical state is required, suitable clothes: long trousers, good footwear, a tent, a light knapsack, water and the food for the day.

Quebrada de las Higueras

In the river Juan Gomez, to about 4 km of route by mounts or low hills, are located in slopes of the central mountain ranges of San Luis. It is arrived at the place through an old hill, by which some inhabitants traveled who lived in this zone in the last century, still give faith of it, some vestiges of farms found in the same gorge. The gorge of the fig trees, calls therefore the villagers, so that three great fig trees exist, and vestiges of other already dry ones by the passage of time; in addition in this place we can find great cane plantations forming a forest very dense similar to small forests, an important diversity of native trees, ferns, marshes, and great variety of birds that inhabit the place. It is a gorge full of history, since a supposed cemetery of Indians is in the place.

Advice: It is important to have good physical state, the excursion includes 6 or 7 hours approximately, to wear comfortable long trousers, a tent, a light knapsack and the food for the day.

Quebrada Piedra del Santo

Distant at about 20 km approximately of the river Juan Gomez it is arrived at the same one through a quite wooded footpath, by which bovine animals and horses journey at the moment; the origin of the name of the place must to the presence of a rocky crag whose form is resembled the one "holly figure", in this zone also is a stone house, which has in its interior cave paintings. This gorge, is populated with dense woods that make difficult their access.

Advice: It is recommended to have excellent physical state, comfortable clothes: long trousers, good footwear, a shelter, a light knapsack, food for the day, are essential to bring water.

Viewpoint of the "Cóndores"

Continuing the route of Stone House, after raising an old hill with some sections practically erased the ascent enough it is raised what causes that this passage is apt for people who enjoy very good physical state, is arrived at farellón or “rock of the cóndores”, a very rustic place where they live in important number, this rock practically is on the top of the mountain range, to about a 1550 or 1600 mts over the sea level. Bond to emphasize that the hill that raises Stone House as to the rock of the cóndores it runs throughout the axis of a hill. What allows that can be observed the Gorge of the Branch the North and the Gorge of the River towards the South, the footpath descends by a steep slope crossing forests and streams until reaching the Gomez River and being united to the footpath that leads to cascades of the Gomez River.

Advice: An excellent physical state is required. An important information, is necessary to bring water so that it does not have in this zone, food for the day, is essential a good footwear, a shelter, a knapsack, camera and binoculars.

Old Hill of the Gómez river

Distant to about 5 km of San Francisco (habitually is made in vehicle), after crossing a river of the same name, approximately to about 500 meters it begins to promote this hill who formerly outside very journeyed since; through her the settlers of the mountain zone used it habitually to come to the town to supply itself of merchandise of first necessity like thus also making exchange or sale of elements produced by them. (dry druits, leathers, etc.) When arriving at the top, a called place exists “the three crossings” where according to history, 3 men in a confused episode happened at the beginning of the last century would have been assassinated. One is an opened footpath in the western skirt of the central mountain ranges of San Luis, with important panoramic views, it has steep slopes, and it climbs approximately until the 1700 meters (SNM), where soon it is multiplied in several footpaths that lead already to different destinies on the mountain range.

Advice: Excellent physical state is required, is essential to bring water, light food, a shelter, suitable clothes, long trousers, good footwear, a comfortable knapsack, binoculars and camera. For those who please of the camping can spent the night in the place.

Footstep of the Giant

This peculiar geologic formation that represents almost a 5 foot left human footstep, it is to more than 5 hours of long walk from San Francisco, and is located within the field of "Puesto de Gil".

The dusk and the night in the mountain ranges, sun puttings as these are common in the months of summer at those moments one can experience an extraordinary sensation of inner peace, the field submerges in a indescriptible lethargy and another reality begins, the night is the kingdom of puma that generally leaves to hunt, and of other animals that take advantage of the dark generally birds as them “it stops ways” and lechuzas. The cloudless sky of one night in the mountain range is a spectacle that is worth the trouble well to enjoy, because it is possible to admire stars like in no other place. When the traveller approaches from the top of the skirt of the mountain range can be contemplated in the plain the lights of San Francisco like thus also of other near towns. Sometimes the breeze shakes the pajonales and, if in these nights the imagination and the full moon suggests capricious forms in the nocturnal landscape, in other opportunities specially at winter the fog darkens totally the night putting a mystery frame, when this happens the people of the hills take refuge in the warmt of its kitchens next to the fire share long accompanied hours there of mateadas generally with cake fried. In these meetings it is spoken of the daily tasks, and sometimes long histories and legends of the place are told.

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